50 SEO Tips: A Cheat Sheet for Digital Optimization

Free SEO Tips

SEO is dynamic and changes a lot. Factors that mattered five years ago are obsolete in effective search engine optimization efforts today. Always make sure your website has unique technical attributes that will not only matter to Google, but also other important search engines.

1. Boosting SEO of a site with video

64% of web traffic today is brought about by video and has an estimated increase of 80% by 2019. You must know video search engine optimization to make the most out of its rising popularity. Even the most interesting video has no effect if no one can find it. There are ways of improving SEO conversion through video in the process making your website visible.

Integrate video with content
Content is definitely the most important of all ranking factors in SEO and affected by video directly. Integrating a video with your content shows the content is rich and of a higher quality improves SEO positioning.

Keyword labels
Add keywords while describing your video in tags, descriptions, name files and titles. This ensures the video’s relevance to Google and search engines is very clear. Simply label videos as you have always done with graphics and pictures.

Upload on YouTube
In terms of searches, YouTube is only second to Google, the owner. Rather than bog down your blog or website with snail-pace load times, simply host the video on YouTube, particularly if you are just starting online.

Load time video optimization
A website’s load time affects SEO for your website; it’s related to user experience as visitors will move away fast from a slow site. Go for a thumbnail embedding a video in a way that it doesn’t load until the user has pressed “play”.

2. SEO through social media

Social channel links
Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have a higher web authority and respected by search engines. Ensure there is a working link always in all the content you put out there, including on each of your social profiles to boost traffic and link building.

Grow your follower numbers
A solid follower base will lead to SEO promotion on your social channels. Encourage it through repining pins, engaging on Facebook through posts, adding Google+ reviews and re-tweeting. Avoid fake likes since only high-quality real followers will engage your social media content.

Local listings
If you add your business local citation listings it will be reviewed by customers right on Google. The more the reviews, the higher the ranking you receive from Google. Other organic search engine optimization tips On Facebook include adding a map or location list of your business.

Content need to be shareable and easy to search
The more your posts are seen on social media the more they will be shared. Go to all your social accounts’ settings and enable public viewing of your content. Use contests and other methods to encourage sharing, boost ranking and optimization for search engines.

Editorialize curated content
Your perspective and voice is important to establish yourself in your industry. Add unique commentary to the curated content you’re sharing or even an opinion.

Use different title
You are creating a fresh piece of content and an original title is critical, whether you are referencing other people’s content or not. A new title is also important in SEO; to avoid competing with the original content in search engine searches and ranking.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Content length is important today
Today, length is seemingly turning out to be important in SEO as the longest posts, such as 3,000 word articles, have more shares and attention on social media. The posts have to be engaging though. Check out SEO Copywriting Services page for more information.

Interactive infographics
The popularity of infographics has continued to soar and you can create one on virtually any topic. An interactive infographic adds some seriousness to your site and gives visitors a reason to return or bookmark it.

Go with commercial keywords
How do you do SEO enhancement using commercial keywords? Simply avoid informational keywords such as ‘Free Tools for Weight Burning’ and stick to commercial keywords like ‘Top 5 Fat Burning Products’.

Long tail keywords are the real deal
Avoid short keywords due to their competitive nature and go with long tail keywords that boost traffic from different word combinations.

Digital Data Analysis

Directory links
Directories seem old but not obsolete. Get a number of links from So Much, Directory World, among others and see how the links add up.

Find links to .edu sites
Virtually all .edu sites offer priceless back links due to their high authority and rank. Ensure your content is of a high quality before you approach these institutions; don’t be afraid to ask for them.

Mobile device ads should be less
As mobile gadgets flood the market, the number of users is also going up. Make your website responsive to mobile devices and cut ads for mobile sites to increase load time.

Quality SEO Optimization

Help first sell later
You should not forget building traffic and a strong viewership is very important.  Offer as much help and insight as you can before you can start selling. Making money will come up naturally as you offer your audience real help.

Compel viewers to browse your website and scroll pages
Right from the beginning of a post you should be very compelling and hold the attention of your audience. In the process, you will give them a reason to naturally scroll the content up to the end.

Find links from website reviewers
Sites that review websites can help you understand the usability and design of your site through the review site’s users and owners. The result can be a cool do-follow link just for you.

Backlinks from HARO sites
Help-a-reporter-out news sites are a source of quality backlinks as well. Once you have registered with one choose topics or questions and offer the needed information as you effectively learn search engine optimization.

Claim links from brand mentions
Find tool that scours the web for brand mentions and contact the sites asking to add backlinks so that your mentioned site can be found easily.

Guest posts
No one wants low quality content for guest posts but high quality posts. Use a premium keyword search tool to find the best guest posting opportunities.  A premium keyword tool is important and you should be able to find an affordable one fast.

What is SEO without an incessant resolve to remain updated and increase your knowledge in the subject? Learn about SEO as much as you can. Here is an SEO guide with 50 simple website optimization tips to help you boost your optimization for free even if you are seeking SEO beginner strategies. They are all about simple search engine optimization.

Video Optimization and Marketing Tips

Include a video transcript
Also aim to add a video transcript to make it easier to find online, based on the audio of the video. Transcripts enhance the relevance of the video in search requests.

Add a video sitemap
While creating video sitemaps use keywords that are separate from the keyword labels you have used in the video’s identification, although there might be a duplication of the keywords. Customize metadata such as age, number of views, rating, duration and video embedding.

YouTube video backlink
Links and shares of your video are great news but they are not links to your blog/website. Get Backlinks from YouTube by inserting a webpage in your YouTube channel through the channel profile and a link in the video’s description.

Don’t ignore social signals
The more views and likes you get on your video the better the signals to the search engines that your content is of a higher value. This boosts the chances of drawing more visitors to your site and creating more visibility for the video.

Social Media Marketing Guide

Keyword your photos
Keywords are important even in social content and help to internalize the basics of SEO. For instance, you can add keywords in your boards and pins on Pinterest and enhance your ranking. Add keywords to Facebook posts, YouTube videos and even on tweets.

Don’t list for ranking purpose only
Avoid listing certain keywords or link lists just to be indexed for specific keywords. It might put off visitors who will probably blacklist your site.

Original content link must be included
This should be clear if you’re curating content on your site, which means you are getting it from elsewhere. Give proper credit through a link that perhaps opens on a new browser or tab so that visitors can remain on your site.

Other free SEO tricks

404 error page customization
A visitor who lands on a 404 error page leaves the website immediately in case what he wanted is not there. Customize the error page perhaps by having lists of frequent tags, categories and posts or a quality image.

Be unique by creating 3D infographics
Of course infographics have been around and people are turning to them in droves. Show your uniqueness by creating 3D infographics. Do not forget there are all kinds of infographics today that allow you to borrow if you promise to add a link pointing back to the source. If you can accompany fresh content with a quality borrowed infographic, you should see social media likes and shares going up.

Ensure you site is mobile responsive
On April 2015, Google made mobile responsiveness a factor in ranking and traffic building.

Give out software and applications for free
Find a tool that your audience needs, such as a website diagnostic tool, and give it out for free to generate more backlinks and increase traffic.

Spy on a competitor’s keywords
Sometimes a competitor could be outranking you in search results. Use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner and add the URL of the competitor’s website to check their keywords that are most targeted.

Back up content with data
Data driven content is very authoritative and indicates some serious research has been carried out. Nonetheless, the data has to be connected to the subject matter of your content.

Alter the anchor text
Brand and domain name based anchor text is the way to go. Varying the anchor text using specific keywords time and again as one of your strategies is very important.

Charity donations for links
This has nothing to do with giving thousands of dollars in charity donations but finding small charities to donate a little amount for backlinks.

Find them by searching for sponsors pages, donate now, contributor’s pages, sponsors, among others.

Product review links
Use your tools, services or products and give them to bloggers in exchange for free reviews, with links back to your website.

Testimonials can link back
Through testimonials for certain products you can ask for a link back after it has been published.

Sub domains are a no-no
Your website’s blog should never be hosted by a sub domain; their rank in search engines is terrible. Find a unique domain name of your own for about $10 annually.

Site navigation and design should be simple
Visitors to a site love simple navigation that together with a simple design allows easier search of content or products.

Quality is better than quantity in terms of content
Avoid writing for the sake of it but seek to provide real quality to your visitors.

Poor ranking pages should be improved
If you have popular pages that are not performing in search engine ranking optimise them to get more organic traffic.

Choose quality links
Links are important but not all are the same. Do follow links, for instance, are different depending on page rank; focus on do follow links of a higher quality.

Make data and visuals of your own
If you make your own visuals and add them on your site the number of shares, pins and likes could surprise you. Experiment today and see what happens.

Call to Action on the Home Page should be obvious
If you haven’t added a call to action on the home page, the most visited are of your site, you are probably missing big on landing page optimization. Include buttons for easier social sharing.

Marketing Brand Strategy

Don’t ignore audio sharing websites
While many people only turn to video sharing sites, don’t forget links from audio sharing sites are also important in boosting your SEO. It’s fast and easy; find a microphone, headsets and record an audio related to your post.

Maximize on buzz words
Your content heading should have buzz words to boost click through rate. Some of these can be: free organic search engine optimization tips, great, free, tips, SEO tips and tricks, SEO tips for beginners, how-tos, tricks, free and hundreds of others.

Don’t forget this SEO information is useless if you do not put each tip into practice. Whether you are at the SEO 101 level or not, now is a great time to learn how to optimize your site and become an SEO Expert! Rather have us optimize your website for you? View our SEO Services page for more information.