New Page Rank Comes From Domain And Page Authority

Domain and Page Authority Scores

It is a constant battle for a writer to get more recognition from search giants like Google. Every time Google rolls out an update, the old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are simply not good enough anymore. Google wants to put out a more sensible rating system which will lead to more accurate searches. Conversely, websites large and small are seen scrambling and in disarray, which ensues all around the Internet until order settles again.

Importance of Domain and Page Authority

Maintaining web popularity requires fancy footwork these days. Over-optimizing or keyword stuffing is the latest gimmick in the SEO world. Before that it was backlinks, which ones are good and help the ranking and which are detrimental to the page ranking.

Mathematical formulas and algorithms are developed to counteract the updates, which have been formulated for optimization of Google’s results. Google is looking to [label cls=”danger”]avoid the cheating[/label] that allows pages to gain ranking by unfair manipulation. Keywords, strings of keywords, and finally links, have made this a constantly growing challenge not only for Google, but for the individual writer who is caught between competition and lesser quality spamming. A science has since risen around SEO issues such as this.

Domain authority and page authority have become the new measures of pagerank. Both are made up of various metrics; a combination of MozRank, MozTrust, link profile and a few other unknowns. Page authority is simply a calculation for determining how well a single web page will rank on Google. It is made up of link counts, MozRank, and MozTrust which is all part of an algorithm comparing thousands of other websites to the one being ranked. Domain authority is a prediction that uses data which tracks the website over a period of time and a few other goodies like root domains to create the value of domain authority. This value relates to how well a web page or a domain will perform in search engines. Domain authority can also be used to compare websites or to gauge webpage strength.

Domain authority measures the predictive ranking strength for domains, while page authority measures the predictive strength of an individual page. Together these two powerhouses combine to become the new pagerank. As always, the cream rises to the top, so webpage popularity is dependent on the quality presented for a large part. SEO should never be part of the innate structure of a written work but rather, always remain a consideration.