Content Is King But Engagement Will Always Be Queen

Engagement is Queen

Content Is King But Engagement Will Always Be Queen. When website owners are looking for new methods of search engine optimization, it is important to look at recent Google algorithm changes. While many web designers would tell website and online business owners that content is the king, they forget to mention that it is only true if the SEO Copywriting is able to get enough traction in search engines. Without real customer engagement, search engines will simply ignore the posts, and they will not be ranked high enough to elicit new traffic. Going viral and implementing social media in the website is the method for the 21st Century, but it needs to be done right.

Facebook pages, relevant to the website’s content, need to be created, and the site owner needs to participate in meaningful discussions about the topic. The more shares the article or content gets on Facebook, the more likely it will be ranked high in the search engine and become more visible for people who are looking for the information. Participating in relevant Facebook groups is also extremely important in order to position the site as an authority in the niche. Many website owners make a mistake by mixing their personal account with their Facebook business page. The more relevant the page is to the title, the more likely it will serve audiences who are looking for answers. A Facebook sign-up button should always be placed on all pages of the website, to create social media interaction.

High Quality Content Google+ is the new social media authority, but it needs to be used the right way. Google + allows people to follow authors, business pages, and create reviews of products or services. A Google + share can increase the website’s ranking, therefore, the button should be on the top of every page. Signature should also include the author’s Google + account. Just like with Facebook, many people mix their personal account with their business page. The business page should always look professional, and be used to share information about the topic of the website. Once the audience of the website is engaged, they should be invited to share content, follow the author, or simply comment using Google +. Creating industry questionnaires and inviting visitors to surveys can also increase interaction with the audience, and increase search engine rankings, too. Please note, Google announced in December 2018 that Google+ will be shut down for consumers in April 2019.

Twitter marketing is often neglected by internet marketers, even though it is one of the most effective methods to share content. The attention span of today’s internet user is shorter than ever before. This means that the short posts that are created on Twitter are perfect for grabbing attention. Apart from placing Twitter “follow me” buttons on the website, webmasters should also encourage visitors to share the content. Most blogging platforms have automatic Twitter, Facebook, and Google + posting plugins that automatically syndicate the content through social media. Finding the right people to follow on Twitter is also an art, and it is important that the account is kept focused on the topic. Every now and then, website owners should look through their follower list and see who should not be included in the list. This way, they can remain professional and relevant for their Twitter followers.

While previously the keyword density and posting frequency determined websites’ ranking in search engines, today social engagement is more important. Every share and comment tells search engines that the piece of content was found relevant and useful for the audience. This is why online marketers should focus not only on the quality of content, but its reader-friendliness as well. Implementing social media sharing, commenting, and sign up options will increase the site’s search engine position and – in turn – get more visitors. Making sure that professional business profiles are created on various social media platforms is only the first step, though. It is important that these accounts are regularly updated with relevant information, engage customers and visitors, and get votes from the public.

Creating a social media integration plan is easier than one would think. There are several software solutions that automatically syndicate website posts, articles, comments, videos, and social media account updates through other networks. This will allow the website owner to have more time creating updates, answering comments, and making the site more user-friendly. Getting readers is not the only aim of the site anymore: one needs to get people to “vote up” the content on social media sites, and share them on other platforms, such as StumbleUpon and Digg, to get a high ranking. And finally, content that is shared on social media needs to be optimized for the same topic and keywords as the main site.