Simple Website Marketing Tips

SEO Vaughan

Try this simple exercise. If you do, we promise you, it could drastically improve the bottom line of your business. Ready? Go to your preferred search engine and search for information about your favorite hobby. You probably don’t have to do this as you have done this before. Also, you may have noticed that the search engine provided you with the results that is exactly or close to what you are looking for.

That search engine list is called “Search Engine Results”. Have you wondered what is powering a certain webpage to sit on top of the search engines? The answer is search engine optimization.

Curious on what kind of algorithmic factors we focus upon?

Below are a few:

  • Website Architecture Design – to state is simply, website architecture pertains how your website is arranged and how your users navigate through it. Remember, search engines rank websites that provide great online experience. Hence, it’s our job to analyze your website and its pages, and make sure that its arrangement is in-line with what Google is searching for.
  • Alt Tags – chances are, your website has lots of images. Google’s spiders cannot see images the way humans do, thus they don’t know what the image is all about. One of our jobs is to optimize all of your images so the search engines will exactly know what the image is all about. By doing so, your image properties can rank better and in turn gain additional traffic to your site.
  • Keyword Research – keywords are one of the pillars of search engine optimization. Get the keywords wrong, and most likely every effort will have lackluster results. We will analyze your website and your niche. We will come up with the best possible keywords for your website. Also, we will make sure that the important keywords are properly placed with the content of your web pages.
  • Internal Linking – did you know with the right internal linking, the web pages that you want to rank can reach higher than ever before in the search engines? We can do this for you with our SEO service.

Bot Accessible – we mentioned about search engines spiders before, but haven’t quite explained it. Search engines regularly send out bots, or also known as “spiders“, to crawl the web. It’s these spiders that find new websites and pages so that the search engine can categorize and rank them. If your website is not accessible to these spiders, then they won’t be categorized and ranked by Google. It is our job to ensure that your website is very welcoming to these spiders so you can improve and get the rank that your website deserves.

Imagine the kind of new business you could gain if you are sitting on top of the results. This is where we come in. Our SEO Vaughan website marketing services addresses well over 200 algorithm factors assigned by major search engines, like Google. All of our efforts and services are to ensure and help your website to not only be compatible, but also be positioned on top.

Internal Pages Reviews – there are several factors that don’t really sit well with Google. One of those is duplicate content. If your website has pages with duplicate content, then you could be facing search engine penalty and your website search results would suffer. Our job includes that we assess the pages of your website and make sure that it won’t be penalized, like duplicate content.

Meta Tag Optimizations – when you look at a webpage, there is more to it. Behind every webpage is a program code, like HTML or PHP. If you want to rank higher in Google, you will need to optimize the code and your content. For many, they forget about optimizing the code. We can help you by optimizing key Meta codes to ensure optimum rankings. Some of these Meta codes are H1 tags, description, and title tags.

New URL Optimizations – most people don’t know that the way in which the structure of URLs can affect your search engine rankings. We will give you the optimum recommendation on how to structure your URL for new, as well as old pages.

Canonical Tag Optimization – not a lot of people know this, even the so-called SEO experts. However, there is a way you can optimize your pages even if you have different URLs that are shown basically the same exact pages. This is done through canonical tags and we can help you with that.

These are only a few of the many tasks that we can do for you. In fact, we are very thorough in our methods and tactics.

Our SEO Vaughan marketing services and other surrounding GTA areas may be varied and plenty, but they all have one greater goal, and that is to rank your website higher in the search engines, drive traffic to your website and increase visibility. Ultimately, our business is all about increasing your bottom line.