15 Essential Recipes Every SEO Campaign Needs

SEO Recipes

As websites continue to compete for better recognition by search engines such as Google, it is becoming increasingly important for new and existing sites to think outside the box. They need to throw out the old SEO techniques that no longer provide meaningful results and adopt fresh recipies for online optimization campaign.

Creating Relevant Links And Keywords
Gone are the days when SEO was all about the quantity of content on a particular site, whether for business purposes or any other reason. Nowadays, it is not all about the number of links and keywords a website has; it is their relevance that counts.

Maintaining Consistency
Updating the site frequently leads to higher traffic. Most visitors do not like browsing websites that have outdated content.

The Power Of Search Phrases
It is advisable to focus on search phrases rather than particular keywords. For instance, instead of just writing about a store, the web administrator can include its location to make it more relevant to search engine spiders.

Back-Linking For Effective SEO
Marketing TechniquesLinking back to other sites can also increase the popularity of the original site. Website owners are advised not to be selfish when promoting other people’s content as long as it is relevant because the traffic is redirected to them in the long run.

Creating Unique Content
Unique, fresh content should give new and existing visitors something to talk about and gives them a reason to come back regularly.

Avoiding Over-optimization
This old SEO strategy does not work these days. It makes the site sound and look like spam in the eyes of Google’s search engine spiders.

Keyword-rich Captions

When using images, their captions should be rich in relevant keywords. Search engines rank images according to the search query and the presence of relevant keywords in the caption can increase the rankings of that particular site.

Sharing Videos On YouTube And Beyond
Sites that have videos should look further than YouTube as their main video-sharing platform if they wish to beat competition from rival websites. Other suitable video sharing platforms include: Metacafe, MSN, AOL and Yahoo.

Availability Of Onsite Content Sharing Options
There should be a viral element for visitors to share anything useful from the site. The viral components include social media links, ratings, reviews, comment boxes and so on.

Provision Of Organic Content
Website owners should not be too obsessed with their page rank. Instead, they should focus on building their website by providing organic content, and they will eventually rise up the search engines.

Hiring A Professional Designer With SEO Skills
It is advisable to hire a professional web designer to design the site while considering SEO. Sites that are built without considering the lastest factors such as on [label cls=”info”]Page Optimization[/label]  do not usually have an impressive ranking.

Using Social Media For Marketing
The use of social media is yet another effective SEO marketing technique. Millions of internet users are active on some of the leading social media platforms. Use them to spread your site and keywords around the web.

Avoiding Spam Sites As Neighbors
Web owners who use shared servers should ensure that they do not use the same proxy with a spam or banned site. Such sites tend to affect the search engine ranking of others that use the same server.

Having An Easy-To-Use Website
The usability of the site will also affect its rankings. For example, a good SEO Toronto company should be able to analyze the local seo rankings for a particular Toronto-based website, and compare it with local and worldwide rankings.

Following The Four Basic Ingredients
Finally, every SEO campaign should have four basic elements: relevant content, links, reputation and popularity.