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SEO Questions You Want To Know

Our Team of SEO Experts in Toronto has provided some of the top Search Engine Optimization questions being asked and we have answered them to help our audiences to get a better grasp of what SEO is and how it works.

How to Conduct a Technical SEO Site Audit?

Technical SEO is one of the most crucial parts of SEO, if not the most important. There are many facets to it, and it focuses on the structure of your website. But what does technical SEO mean? Technical SEO ranges from broken links, website security, large images, website loading speed, duplicate content, site errors, user-friendliness, and more.  Learn More

What does SEO stand for?

When you search for something on a web browser, you get a very long list of results that match what you are looking for. The web search engine uses algorithms in order to sort the degree of relevancy of a certain webpage to what you are looking for, with more relevant material pushed towards the top of the list, so that more people will visit a given website (in other words, the website will generate more traffic). Learn More

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

Both are effective when done correctly to bring more targeted traffic to your web site. Ideally, you can expect to get the best bang for your buck by ranking your web pages via SEO methods. However, Paid Media is extremely useful in figuring out which keywords work or don’t work for your business before having to roll the winning keywords into your SEO strategy.

Where do I plan and start my SEO strategy?

To plan and start an SEO strategy, you would want to begin with an SEO Audit to cover all of your tracks. SEO Audits help with analyzing the gaps and opportunities within your website. It would also help to gather your competitors and reverse engineer their SEO efforts. The most effective strategy
covers Architecture (technical SEO), Content and natural link building.
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How Much Does SEO Services Cost?

Buying an SEO service isn’t as simple as it seems. There are many different factors to consider before you purchase a plan. First and foremost, you want to make sure you are using a legitimate agency. Agencies will usually tell you how to buy SEO services on their websites or through speaking with them.


Once you are confident in your choice, the next step is to reach out to them.


Many agencies will want a consultation so they can better assist you in what your site may need. Some business owners may already know what they want and can dive into the packages offered. Prices will vary based on what you want or need. Agencies will charge hourly, per project, or monthly.


SEO Toronto Specialists offer three different monthly plans with various features to suit your needs. Learn More

How do I conduct keyword research?

Keywords Research is pivotal to any SEO success. The correct keywords selection help to align and optimize your website to find targeted and potential customers through ongoing SEO efforts. Some of these tactics include adding these terms onto our website’s page content, image file names and meta tags such as Page Titles, Description, and H1 header tags to provide a better page and topic relevancy. In 2020, User Intent for keywords are as important as ever before. It is best to split keywords research into 3 parts: awareness, consideration and conversion terms.


Our process involved having to generate keyword ideas through leveraging internal data tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner and KWFinder.


Below Are 6 Essential Steps to Get Started:


Step 1: Review keywords that competitors are ranking and targeting their website for
Step 2: Analyze Level of Keyword Difficulty and Efforts Required to Capture 1st Page Rankings on Google

Step 3: See the Traffic Potential of Keywords if potentially ranked on Google’s Front Page

Step 4: Group Keywords into relevant topics for a more laser-targeted SEO campaign
Step 5: Group Keywords by Intent – Pre-and Post-Lead Stages

Step 6: Prioritization of Key Metrics (Search Volume, Level of Difficulty) of Most Relevant Terms

Learn More About Our Keywords Research and SEO Services

Which SEO techniques are popular?

When it comes to SEO, there are no silver bullets or one single tactic that can be used to gain SEO exposure. It is the combination of following Google’s 200+ ranking factors to the key. However, the two most popular ranking signals for Google’s search algorithms are Content and Link Building.


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