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Website (SEO) Analysis

There are about 1 billion live websites on the Internet, and with the continued expansion of Internet service providers worldwide, along with the explosive growth in mobile-based Internet browsing, that number isn’t expected to drop anytime soon.

Our Competitive SEO Analysis Package includes a careful, strategic competitor analysis for SEO that starts with identifying which websites and companies are actually your competitors. We look at the quality of their content, their social media feeds and accounts, and the profile of their backlinks. We carefully check what keywords they are targeting for SEO, and analyze the real-time and historical performance of these keywords.

Using the data we gather, we then prepare a complete analysis report that clearly outlines what your competition is doing online so that you can mount an effective, data-driven SEO strategy.

With the increasing number of websites, it requires more effort to increase traffic in one’s own site and improve SEO. Increasing a site’s visibility becomes more complicated with the consideration of a number of factors affecting traffic and visibility. Because of this, Our SEO Toronto specialists offer a comprehensive and competitive analysis to help clients in their search engine optimization.

Keywords play a crucial role in any SEO analysis. It is not enough to include relevant keywords, rather, there is a need to know how to use the most strategic keywords to ensure visibility. It is possible to devise the best keyword strategy that will increase a website’s traffic. Our experts can help determine high converting keywords that have possible value, thus, helping its clients in building a keyword portfolio and categorizing keywords according to their hierarchies. The keyword gaps can be identified as well, which means that the keywords that are not frequently used by the competitors will be optimized to serve as opportunities in driving traffic to the client’s website.

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Another common mistake in SEO is inserting as many keywords as possible since only a certain amount of keywords are needed to gain relevancy in search engines. We can work through keyword density, positioning the proper number of keywords across headings, content, alt tags, and meta descriptions.

Our in-depth service goes beyond the typical once-over that many digital marketing companies offer – the competitive SEO Package thoroughly examines the online marketing tools, rankings, SEO keywords and traffic rates of your direct competitors in the GTA. With this information, you can then adjust your website to capitalize on weaknesses amongst your competitors, giving you a virtual ‘leg-up’ on the competition!

Ready to maximize your online marketing investment? Want a comprehensive analysis report that details how, and why, of what your competition is doing with their digital marketing? Drop us a line – we’re here to help.

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