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With online reputation management, a brand, business or product is able to control what comes up when a person Googles or searches a particular name on the web. Online reputation experts have ascertained that behind building a reputation on the internet is a need to promote positive content that has the effect of pushing negative content or competition farther down search engine result pages; simultaneously your brand or business remains on top of search results. As a result, anyone who makes a search engine search of your brand will find very relevant and positive content (Huttona et al.).

Why is this important?

Most online marketers and business owners wake up one day and realize their reputation online has been tarnished. This takes them off-guard while a good number are not even aware of the need to remain reputable on the web. The most common question asked by many is why some individuals are unleashing vitriol about their brands and what can be done about it. To build a strong brand takes years and to wake up one morning to find defamatory content about the brand on the web is very unsettling.

Sometimes the negative content is not just constructive criticism but serious and outrageous remarks, libellous and slanderous accusations. The negative content might be from an authoritative site ranking high on a search engine and a simple search of the brand brings outrageous reviews on the first page. Whether these remarks are hot air or have an iota of truth the search results will be negative and the online reputation of your company will be jeopardized.

Potential Damage

Search Engine Reputation Management

Many brands and businesses usually fail to consider the full picture of potential damage brought by a negative online reputation. Hiring ability of the business, press coverage and sales, among others, are affected one way or the other. This leaves any company vulnerable and if the reputation is not cleaned up doing so, later on, will not only be expensive but hard although not impossible.

Without a carefully crafted online reputation management strategy your brand could be plagued by a few disgruntled former employees or competitors making use of the internet to destroy your online investment.

Today, it’s very easy for a business’s good name to end up in the hands of the wrong people, ghosts you probably have never seen and probably never will. Online reputation reassures the future and creates great opportunities. If your brand or business is not taking advantage of digital reputation improvement strategies and doing all you can to improve your online footprint, customers and visitors to your sites and social media pages have probably never seen your best.

Why is it hard to handle online reputation yourself?

You probably don’t know where to start influencing your reputation on the web. You might also be busy managing your brand and business that minding every bit of information on the internet attempting to put your investment into disrepute is next to impossible.

Social media is a booming online phenomenon. What does that mean for your business? You must be able to control and manage your reputation. Customers have the ability to create blogs and post negative comments on review websites (such as Yelp.ca, n49, and much more). Online Reputation Management Customers are not the only ones you should fear. Your competitors have the freedom to damage the reputation of your business just as easily.

Moreover, when searchers and customers are interested in your business they will inevitably search for reviews to see what others think of your company.
So with the risk of having unfriendly comments made about your business online, what can you possibly do to solve this?

It requires a lot of technical expertise and not one or two people will be building your online reputation and managing it but a dozen with specific duties assigned to them. There are engineers working on products and brands whose job is to specifically enhance your web profile and reputation. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have already done a number of things such as creating well-curated social media profiles, a Twitter and social media title that represents your brand or business and not a Twitter handle with a name such as “ChickenLickingLove” unless your job is handling cooked chickens.

Search Engine Reputation Results Are Not Static

Brand Reputation

Many businesses and brand owners think that since they have a lot of positive search engine results today they will remain there and linger as protection against malicious online reputation attacks. Results on the web might remain great today but will most definitely change tomorrow.

Our online reputation expert in Toronto has observed Google results that change in a matter of seconds after algorithm changes, social media, and recent news, among other factors.

A positive and strong online reputation and maintaining it is a never-ending job you must be involved in on a daily basis.

Remember in a world that is hugely focused on the web any kind of crisis out there becomes an internet reputation crisis in no time, courtesy of the real-time social networking happening today.

Major news companies and newspapers might refuse to cover specific stories affecting your company, brand or industry but not social media as tweets, blogs and feature stories online will do the damage. In such a scenario, it’s important to prevent any problem from ending up a reputation issue.

Scenarios in Online Reputation Management

Depending on your online presence, it’s not hard for an online reputation management expert to determine the amount of work needed. A number of scenarios on this issue need to be considered first. Firstly, there’s probably zero content or no online presence related to your brand or business. This means a web presence has to be built for search engines. In simple terms, if you lack positive content on the web there is no way your business will ever appear on the first page of any search engine.

Another scenario is where your brand or business has specific negative content that needs to be buried. This might be bad reviews about your products, content mistaking you for a thief or ex-con or false reports about your dealings. More positive content must be built to bury the negative search engine results farther down, something reputation management Canada experts do dexterously.

Sometimes a business might have certain pieces of content to be pushed higher up the search engine pages. This might be articles about your products or brand, personal website and LinkedIn profile, among other types of content you would like the targeted audience to find but has not been showing up at the top of search engine results. The online reputation management expert will come up with top steps to follow to have the content boosted high up in the search results.

Introducing our Reverse SEO Solution

Using advanced and revolutionary search engine optimization techniques, we push down your desired competitor, detrimental blog or social website, and negative comments to the bottom of the search engine results page of Google, Yahoo!, Bing and all other major search engines.

With our reputation management services, many tactics will be incorporated to enhance your digital reputation. You can always request more information on these tactics and how long you should expect to see positive results. Eliminate bad publicity before it is seen, and improve your reputation now!

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